Check out my 2002 animated short Mile High Munch! (10 mg Quicktime 6)

You can now check out my old demo reel (20mg Quicktime)!

Here are a selection of images and movies I have put together from work I have done over the past years.

The group on the upper left are images from when I worked as an artist and Art Director for Digital Extremes, a cool game developer in Ontario, Canada. The upper middle three shots are from my animated short Mile High Munch. The group on the upper right are work I did on my own for my demo reel as well as the box illustration for Carrara.

The long row are the oldies. Done years ago but I thought I would include them. The six images beneath them are some of my oil on canvas work. They are quite large, averaging about five feet high.

At the bottom are three little test animations in Quicktime format.

I am a Canadian currently living in San Francisco, California working for Industrial Light & Magic as a creature modeler.